3 Causes of Backed Up Sewage Lines

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October 1, 2016
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December 1, 2016
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3 Causes of Backed Up Sewage Lines

Within the world of plumbing repair, there’s nothing more potentially serious than a badly backed up home sewer system. A blocked up sink or a faulty water heater is certainly a problem, of course, but issues with the sewer itself can touch off a massive repair process that might even require a full system overload.

At iRepair Plumbing, we’ve been serving Utah customers for years, and we know all the perils of potential sewer blockages. Here are a few telltale signs and causes to keep an eye on.

Clogged Pipes

Single instances of a clog in a drain or pipe might not be anything more than an isolated event, but more frequent clogs could be signs of a larger pattern: They could signal that your entire system is backed up from the main sewer line.

There are things you can do to help prevent this from happening, mostly in the category of general maintenance over time. These include:

  • Smart garbage disposal usage: Use your garbage disposal often, but don’t overdo it with huge amounts of material all at one time, or materials that might cause blockages.
  • Don’t flush tissue: Napkins, diapers, Kleenex, you name it – if it’s not specifically toilet paper designed to flush down a toilet, don’t flush it.
  • Don’t flush grease: Not all liquid stays that way, and grease is a great example. It may go down your drain in liquid form, but once it’s below ground it can harden within your pipes and cause a clog. Any other substances with similar properties should be avoided, as well.

Tree Roots

Tree roots and main sewer lines share their living space, and it only stands to reason that they’re occasionally the cause of a sewer backup that requires the services of a plumber. Roots can cause problems for your sewer system in two ways: By growing into the pipes, or by wrapping around them and crushing them.

Be careful not to assume that just because a tree itself is far from your sewage line, the roots will be the same – this isn’t always the case. Tree roots can jut far out from the tree itself, especially in older trees.

Broken Sewer Lines

In many homes, particularly older ones, a primary cause of sewer backups is broken water lines. Many older homes were built with materials which break down more easily than the reinforced plastic typically used today, and even this plastic can crack after long enough. Broken sewer lines are among the toughest blockage causes to diagnose since they’re not typically visible – this is where specialists like iRepair Plumbing come in.

For the best plumber service in Utah, give us a call today. Our expert staff has been serving sewage, drain cleaning and water heater maintenance needs around the state for years, and we’re here to help with whatever plumbing services you might need.